What is the difference between centralization and decentralization??

it is quite simply, Centralization places the responsibility for decision-making at higher levels, concentrating both authority and power at the top management. It minimizes the role of the individual employee which is centralizing. Decentralization places decision authority in the hands of the individuals and teams who are closest to a problem or who manage a process.

What is the difference between centralization and decentralization-in State government?

Centralisation is bringing various government offices and departments into a close area. A capital city in most countries is where the government runs from. Power is centralised there. Even within a capital city, the government departments and buildings are often in just one part of the city. It's convenient for running a government, when people from different departments have to meet each other regularly.
Some places spread things around a bit more. They have the various functions of government located in different parts of the country. It could be something simple like an office that deals with medical claims as part of the department health, right up to the head office of a department being based in some regional town or city. That is what is known as decentralisation. It spreads the jobs around the country and helps bring employment and more people to live in some places, which is good, but it makes running the government a little bit more difficult. Most countries have all the key elements of government in the capital city and some of the lesser functions operating from other places. So they are mainly centralised.

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